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Why SourceMe Talent

How Do We Do It?

Our streamlined process gets you to the finish line fast.
From the initial discovery call through final candidate selection and offer letter, we combine hustle and value with access to our wide network of business professional and job seekers to pull from - giving you a faster hire at a better price.

Who Do We Serve?

We are best utilized by organizations without a dedicated HR or Recruiting professional, or even an HR Shop of 1.

Our Services

We can help with as much of the process as you need us to. We can assist you with any of the following:

  • Role analysis

  • Job descriptions

  • Consulting

  • Social Media (eg - Glassdoor presence)

  • Recruiting

  • Placement

Our Promise

We provide exceptional placement services, finding you the right person, for the right role, while providing a legendary experience for the right client and candidate.

Your Standards Are High.

So Are Ours.

By combining world-class service, outreach to a vast network, and our expertise, we deliver qualified candidates to our clients quickly, for a lower cost. 

Let's talk! We'll hold a discovery call with you to learn about your needs and deal breakers, and work with you to identify the role you need filled, the compensation package, and discuss your timeline as well as expectations for the process.


Our team goes to work finding the most qualified candidates with the best skillset match for the position, and conduct preliminary phone and video screening. We select only those who are the best fit to move to the next stages in the process.


We'll arrange, schedule, and conduct all interviews, and record feedback in our Applicant Tracking Software. You can be involved as much as you would like in the process, or let us manage it entirely for you.


When the best candidate has been selected, we'll manage and track the communications for you. We'll send the offer letter to your new hire with all the details they will need, and send letters to all who were considered but not selected. Our process emphasizes the importance of communication with all candidates throughout the process, highlighting respect for their experience and the value of their time.


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